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Is there a double dildo strap-on out there? 
My wife loves to play bend over boyfriend with me, but we are both amazed at how poorly designed strapon harnesses are, and the fact that none of the manufacturers …

Sex Enhances Heart Health  
Having sex may become good for your heart. A 20-year lengthy UK study shows that men who had sex twice or much more per week were fifty percent less likely …

Is There a Battery Operated Girlfriend Sex Toy for Men? 
Hi, my wife and I were wondering is there a battery operated girlfriend toy for men that works well that you would recommend, thanks. In answering …

Sex Addiction Therapy 
I am in a lesbian relationship and am beginning to think my lover may need sex addiction therapy. She is relentless and obsessed with having sex. Don't …

Wheelchair Sex 
I am in love with a man with a spinal cord injury and we are talking about taking our relationship to the next level. I've never been intimate with a …

Creative Foreplay 
My boyfriend wants to spice up our sex life with some creative foreplay involving sex toys. I have never bought a sex toy in my life, let alone walked …

Oral Sex Diseases 
My new boyfriend wants to have oral sex, but honestly... I am petrified of contracting any kind of oral sex diseases. I know they say that using condoms …

Sex Toy Box 
My friend is getting married in a few months. A few of us plan to present her with a sex toy box full of intimate goodies at her bachelorette party. What …

Senior Sex Positions 
My wife and I are in our late ‘70s and not quite as agile as we used to be. That said, we still enjoy an active sex life and would love some ideas for …

My Child Saw Us Making Love 
My four-year-old daughter walked in on my wife and I making love. She seemed distressed by what she saw and doesn’t want to talk about it. Any suggestions? …

My Child Found My Vibrator! 
Help! My naughty six-year-old went through my dresser drawer and found my vibrator. He wanted to know what it is. What should I tell him? You’d certainly …

Protected Oral Sex 
I know that women can use a condom to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases when giving men oral sex, but what can men use to return the …

Hysteria - Invention of the Vibrator 
The Toronto Film Festival premiered the new movie Hysteria about sexual repression and the invention of the vibrator in the 1880's. As you can imagine, …

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