Want Anal Sex With Toys? Here's Some Helpful Hints

Here are ten tips to get you started if you're interested in exploring anal sex with toys.

1. One of the best anal sex toys costs you nothing! It’s your finger, properly lubed and gently inserted.

2. The anus doesn’t produce as much natural lubrication as the vagina. A tube of lube is a must if you want anal sex with toys,

Doc Johnson Spectra Gel Beaded Butt Plug
Make sure it’s not the numbing kind of lube–or you won’t be able feel if things aren’t going right.

3. For cleanliness, comfort and confidence, use an anal douche, or at minimum, take a trip to the tub or shower. If you douche, do it a few hours before you play to give your anus time to restore its natural mucus.

4. To avoid seeing something you don’t want to see, or touching something you don’t want touch, take a hygienic approach to your anal toys. You can make clean-up easier and quicker by using a condom on your toy. And remember to clean any toy that’s been used in the butt before using it elsewhere.

5. For safe and comfortable anal sex with toys, use toys with a flared end to prevent them from sliding all the way in.

6. If you’re venturing into anal play for the first time, start small. As you try more activities over time, your butt will accommodate bigger toys. Note authors Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah in Sex Toys 101 (A Playfully Uninhibited Guide), “A relatively small plug may not create the same intense sensation for long. The butthole has a physical memory and becomes less resistant to entry after practice. A small plug will likely stay in only at the beginning of your anal explorations, before your anus gets used to penetration and learns to relax.”

Gläs Amethyst Rain Glass Butt Plug

7. In addition to traditional butt plugs, you can explore even more erotic anal sex with toys by using vibrating butt plugs. Not only can the vibration sensation help your anus relax, it’s also appreciated for its ability to stimulate a man’s prostate, plus it can help a woman feel extraordinary sensations through the wall that separates her anus from her vagina…often leading to genuine G-spot glory!

8. If you’re using anal beads on a nylon string, consider putting a condom on the toy first, or disposing of it once you’re finished. Why? Because the strings are hard to clean and may cause hygiene issues in a future sex session. Another sensual idea is to use a ripple-style toy that combines the essence of a butt plug molded into the shape of beads. As a one-piece item, it’s easy to clean and should last you a long time.

9. When choosing anal toys, take your time, spend your money wisely and you’ll be rewarded with pleasure! For example, if your toy of choice is a dildo, look specifically for a butt dildo that’s shaped and curved with the absolute aim of arousing the prostrate or G-spot.

10. The bottom line is, if you want anal sex with toys, any play you do shouldn’t cause pain. If it hurts, stop. Either you’re not relaxed enough for pleasurable play, you need more lube or you just aren’t as much in the mood as you thought. In that case, stop and try again another time. As any anal sex play lover will tell you, the intense rewards of anal play will be worth the trial and error it takes to get there.

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