Male Anal Sex Toys Can Rock Your World

For some couples, there’s nothing more erotic than using male anal sex toys on the guy to achieve maximum pleasure.

If you’re ready to overcome the taboo of anal sex play and work in concert to create an intense sexual experience, there’s lots of male anal sex toys for you to play with . . . from butt plugs to anal probes and anal beads—all designed to open your emotions with your partner, creating a new kind of intimacy and trust between you.

For many couples, the ultimate goal of anal sex play is discovering and stimulating the man’s version of the “G-spot.” That’s the prostate gland. It’s located about two or three inches into the anus, on the side facing your belly. It’s a firm, round “button” about the size of a small walnut. Once you and your partner have found your “spot,” you can begin experimenting with what approach brings you the most intense sensation. You can achieve best affect by rubbing and pressing on this “G-spot.”

Think of the intense, trusting experience you’ll enjoy together as you explore ways to stimulate, from a finger to an angled sex toy like a butt plug or vibrator.

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Side Contact Anal Probe

Some couples turn to one of the anal male sex toys specifically designed to achieve their desires in prostate play—a prostate massager.

This toy can bring men the ultimate in physical pleasure using a combination of speed, vibrations and rotation.

Combined with the emotion and trust inherent in the act of welcoming your partner to touch you in this way, you can create a very erotic moment.

Women, of course, can also enjoy anal sex toy play. While a female doesn’t have an anal “G-spot” (hers is in the vagina), she can embrace the intimacy of allowing her partner to stimulate her anus with fingers and sex toys. Often in combination with clitoral or vaginal stimulation, a woman who is relaxed, interested and enthusiastic about anal play can achieve an intense orgasm.

Communication is vital when using male anal sex toys or anal sex toys on a woman. Talk to each other about what you’re feeling, how far you’re willing to go and what it feels like when you get there. And, as always, remember plenty of lube and willingness will help you achieve the best outcomes with anal male sex toys.

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