Using Homemade Sex Toys Safely And Sensually

Leather Pleasure Handcuffs

What are safe, homemade sex toys? Pretty much anything you’re comfortable using that does what you want it to do, as long as you can use it safely.

Too shy to buy handcuffs? Your bedroom closet will also provide many options for bondage toys. Try scarves or neckties.

Want a new taste sensation without spending money on lotions and lubes? Raid your kitchen. Not only can food be sensual to play with (think 9 ½ Weeks), some food items, properly prepared, also function well as dildos.

Here are some tips about using your creativity safely:

· Whatever you choose to use, make sure it’s clean. Wash it first and for further safety, cover your item with a condom if it’s going to be inserted. This is especially important if there’s potential for contact with STDs and eliminates risks from bacteria.

ID Juicy Lube Tube (10 x 12ml Pack)

· To avoid cuts or scrapes, don’t use anything that has sharp points, bumps or burrs that could damage sensitive tissue.

· Think about where you’ll be putting it–bodily canals are not rigid, nor are they made of steel! If you try inserting an extremely hard, straight object into a soft, curved space, you may damage yourself or your partner. Choose something with a little give.

As well as making sure you’re physically safe while playing, be aware that you need to be mentally safe as well. Simple rule of thumb: if you don’t like the sensation, stop. If someone else is handling the “hardware,” make sure they get your message loud and clear: “I don’t like this. Stop. Let’s use something else.”

Finding and using homemade sex toys toys can broaden your sex experience–and it costs you nothing. Imagine the fun you and your partner will have hunting for treasure that will bring you pleasure!

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