Homemade Sex Toys For Guys Offer New Pleasure Sensations

Homemade sex toys for guys are all about sensations. In your search for pleasure, whether alone or with your partner, one of the most erotic things you can do is find new ways to experience sexuality. Here are some ideas on how using homemade sex toys for guys can maximize your orgasm:

• Next time you get a package, keep the bubble wrap. You can use it as a penis sleeve inside some sort of tube or cylinder so you experience the tactile sensation of the bubbles on your penis.

• For a fun time in the tub, drill a hole (about the size of your erect penis) in a bar of soap, then slide the soap onto you.

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• Wear gloves made from soft or hard material when you’re masturbating.

• Fruits and vegetables are tried and true tools. Use the skin of a banana or plantain as a penis sleeve for a unique sensation; cut an appropriate-sized hole in a melon to simulate a vagina for penetration. (You can hollow out a bit of the melon and/or add some lube). You can even add another, smaller hole opposite the first hole to get some finger action going on the head of your penis. A condom is recommended for this activity.

• Household sponges can be another great homemade tool. Wet the sponges with warm water, wring them out, place them in a non-breakable cup, squirt some lube between them and voila, another simulated vagina awaits your penis.

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• Some guys also create a simulated vagina by filling a small plastic bag with lube and placing it between couch cushions or a box spring and mattress.

Homemade sex toys for guys are limited only by your imagination. Look for items that you can use safely that will bring new, tactile sensations to your experiences.

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