If You're Obese Sex Can Be A Fulfilling Part Of Your Life

About half of Americans are overweight. If you’re obese sex can run the gamut from damned great to satisfying to not happening at all. Much of what happens in the boudoir depends on the mental implications of body image.

"People who are struggling with their weight must not make [their weight problem] define who they are," says researcher/psychologist Martin Binks, PhD, a director of behavioral health at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center at Duke University Medical Center (as quoted on WebMD).

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"If someone is really struggling with this issue, they need to seek out some help. The answer to their sexual problems may not be just losing weight. The issues may be at a deeper level than we realized, involved with body image and self-esteem," says Binks.

In addition to mental hang-ups, if you’re obese sex can be impacted by respiration, stamina and flexibility. Yet it can also be fun and creative as you explore workable techniques to make love!

The bottom line is, you know yourself best. You know how your body and mind promote or inhibit passion. If you’re in the mood for love, here are some tips:

· Look for sexual positions that don’t make you breathless. Sometimes this means stop-and- start lovemaking, taking small breaks during which you use your hands and mouths before getting get back to penetration.

· Find positions that give good vaginal access. For man-on-top, rest the woman’s behind on pillows. The man can be on his haunches more upright to avoid lying directly on top. This, along with raising the woman’s legs to various heights, can lead to new heights of ecstasy. T and X positions might also work for you.

· Woman-on-top facing the man’s feet or his face are good for obese sex because deeper penetration is possible, plus you can easily reposition abdominal skin if it’s in the way.

· Many obese people say great sex happens with one partner perched on the edge of the bed while the other moves in from a standing position.

· You can improve your stamina by focusing on cardio-vascular health. Regular exercise can promote blood flow to vital organs-that will help you last longer.

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· Positioning a big belly can lead to pleasure. A man can put his abdomen on the woman’s clitoris during intercourse, using his skin as a sort of sex toy to give her pleasure. And speaking of toys, remember they’re a fun, less strenuous way to find pleasure alone or with a partner.

If you’re obese sex can be a fulfilling part of your life given the right tools, attitude and spirit of experimentation.

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