Addressing Sex And Weight Gain Issues

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Is there a link between sex and weight gain? If you and your partner are struggling with changing body types you may be seeking the answer to that question.

Common sense tells you that if one partner is gaining weight and the other isn’t, you may find yourselves facing issues of attractiveness, energy level and psychological implications. If both of you are changing in physical appearance, that can created a whole set of other issues. In either situation, you may have to work a little harder to keep your sexual relationship where you want it to be.

A partner’s changing appearance can cause all kinds of upheaval in your physical and emotional reactions. (We are of course excluding pregnancy in this discussion since weight gain is a natural part of that experience.)

Yet being heavier doesn’t necessarily cancel out desire. Notes Dr. Sari Lockyer in her book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex (Third Edition), “Obese and severely obese people frequently have issues with feeling unsexy. However, sex research has proven that people who are obese may have sexual desire that is just as high as someone who is of normal weight.”

At any point, any relationship can be challenged by sexual ennui. If sex and weight gain issues creep into your picture, you might find it’s the perfect time to do what many couples do to keep their sex life fired up: explore other options.

For some couples this could mean fantasy or sex toy play. You might incorporate a learning curve by seeking out books and DVDs that show you how to adapt to your new situation. If things are really uncomfortable, you might find a counselor who specializes in sex therapy. Or you might take an overall look at your lifestyle and decide you don’t want sex and weight gain issues to impact your lives at all, choosing instead to make dietary and fitness changes. And you never know . . . exercising with your partner might mean you both need a hot shower to cool down . . . and we all know lots of fun, sexy things can happen when two people are wet and naked!

Whatever path you choose, be confident that there are options available to combat sex and weight gain issues in your relationship.

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