Health Benefits Of Sex Make Making Love Worth It

health benefits of sex are important

Sex isn’t just all fun, games, intimacy and emotional satisfaction–though those are certainly some of the best things about it! Lovemaking also produces physical benefits for your body. Here are just a few of the good things resulting from the health benefits of sex:

Immune System - A study at Wilkes University found that making love a couple of times a week raises the body’s production of immunoglobin A by a third, giving you another weapon to fight off colds and the flu.

Oxygen Flow - Sex increases the supply of oxygen to cells and stimulates the activity of various organs and systems within the body.

Cholesterol Control – Making love helps balances out the good-to-bad cholesterol ratio in your body, and can reduce the overall cholesterol count.

Pain Relief - Some studies say sex can alleviate headache and joint pain, in part by causing the release of endorphins and corticosteroids, which can act as analgesics.

Prostate Help - Regular lovemaking can help eliminate prostrate problems by eliminating harmful secretions from this gland.

Stress Buster - Sex is a well-known stress reliever, bringing benefits to both the mind and circulatory benefits of sex

Hormonal Benefits - Sex can boost the levels of oxytocin, a hormone that is linked to increased sexual desire. For men, sex can increase the levels of testosterone, which can help strengthen bones and muscles. For women, sex releases female hormones that help keep the vagina softer and pliable, plus reduce the risk of heart disease.

Menstrual Regularity – A study done through Columbia and Stanford Universities found that weekly sexual activity can promote a more regular menstrual cycle.

Exercise – While the benefits vary depending on how often and vigorously you make love, sex is exercise, it does burn calories and helps improve blood and oxygen flow in your body. Lovemaking can burn up to four calories per minute, meaning that if you make love three times a week all year, you’d burn off as many calories as you would by jogging 75 miles.

Where else can you find an activity that wraps physical and mental well-being into one erotic package, and lets you enjoy those sensations and emotions with your partner! The health benefits of sex are worth it!

(Note: Sexual health-related articles on this web site are awareness-based only and are not intended to supply specific information regarding your personal situation. For that, please speak to your health care practitioner or access medical web sites and books.)

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