Is Breast Cancer Prevention Possible?

Breast cancer prevention is not always guaranteed. You may do everything right, take all the needed steps and still develop the disease. That’s because there are some factors you can’t control, no matter how many good lifestyle choices you make.breast cancer prevention

Genetics play an ultimate role here and you can't change that. Still, you can lower your chances considerably by taking certain steps. While breast cancer prevention may not be assured, it can be a possibility. And what is more important than you living a long and healthy life?

First and foremost, get on board with monthly self-checks. Plus visit your doctor yearly. Both of these commitments could save your life because the most viable way to beat breast cancer is to catch it before it becomes more than your body can bear.

For optimal prevention, you should do more than these tests. You need to take care of yourself. The lifestyle you lead directly affects your chances of developing breast cancer. Get healthy, active and aware!

This means no smoking (which you shouldn’t be doing any way. If you don't develop breast cancer, you could easily develop some in the lungs). Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, exercise regularly, keep your weight down and don’t eat certain foods high in fat. All of these things have a direct correlation with your chances of getting breast cancer. Simply put, the healthier you are, the less likely you are to develop it.

And, naturally, these preventive steps all have other benefits. Being active and healthy can prolong your life and stave off other diseases. You are helping yourself by getting into shape.

There is no guaranteed breast cancer prevention system. Even if you do all of these things, you may still develop some form of cancer. Why? Possibly because of genetics; your body may simply be inclined to develop this disease, no matter how well you take care of yourself. Also, other factors you may not even be aware of, like chemicals and other hazards you’re exposed to, may be present. There are some things you can't protect yourself from; this is a sad fact of breast cancer prevention.

Still, you must try. Simply leaving it up to fate is no way to live. And if you do develop this scary disease, having a healthy mind and body will be some of your best tools to combat it. For additional information, follow this link to

Amazon and search "breast cancer books."

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