A Woman Using Sex Toys Can Empower Herself And Her Relationship

The stats say yes! A woman using sex toys is not unusual, nor is she just passing time with a masturbation tool until a partner joins her in the bedroom.

Fun Pleasure Toys for Flying Solo or Getting Familiar with Your Sexual Feminine Self

Instead, she’s someone who’s discovering the joy and empowerment a sex toy can bring as she learns more about her body, and often finds ways to incorporate that joy and empowerment into her relationship with her partner.

One study conducted in 2004 (by The Berman Center and Drugstore.com) found that 44% of women aged 18–60 have discovered the joy of sex toys. This study also asked whether the respondents were single or in a relationship; 78% said they had a partner. So one of the biggest myths about sex toys is debunked: they’re not just for singles.

A woman using sex toys knows that many of the other myths surrounding this pursuit are unfounded. You know, myths like if you use toys, you’ll never enjoy intercourse again because the toys produce powerful sensations that your lover can’t compete with . . . or that sex toys are unsafe . . . or they’re just for “perverted” people who can’t “come.” No, no and no.

Cupid's Pink Mini Bullet Vibrator
If you’re in a relationship, the benefits shine through. Sure, you might need to do some extra communication with your partner to explain why you’re using sex toys. Some women are concerned their partner won’t understand and subsequently feel unimportant and left out in this most important aspect of a woman’s life.

The best sales pitch if your partner is feeling threatened is simple: you both will become more knowledgeable about your body and what turns you on . . . sharing that information can improve your sexual relationship. You can introduce new, fun ways to augment your sexual interaction and alleviate boredom that may have crept into your bedroom. Sex toys can also help you with that all-important aspect of clitoral stimulation (either during foreplay or during sex) to achieve orgasm, which many women don’t get from intercourse.

If you’re using sex toys that way they’re designed to be used, they are certainly safe. And forget that business about “perverts;” a woman using sex toys is simply finding ways to enhance her pleasure alone and/or with her partner.

And here’s perhaps one last benefit of a woman using sex toys: think about the fun you can have shopping together for sex toys online or in a store! Even if you partner hates to shop, working as a team to choose the most appealing toys will bring you closer together and improve your ability to talk about matters of sexuality.

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