The Best Sex Toy Ever? Some Say It's The Dildo

Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Silicone The Slender G-Spot Dildo

Some women—and couples—rank the dildo as the best sex toy ever. Like the vibrator, the dildo has been around for a while, but dildos have an even longer history (no pun intended!). In ancient times, our ancestors made imitation penises out of leather, wood or ivory.

Today, you’ll find dildos—quite possibility the best sex toy ever —made of glass or wood, but most jump on the technology bandwagon and are made of synthetic polymers like silicone, jelly or latex. Whatever your choice, make sure there are no nicks or sharp edges that could cause injury.

Which type to use is a personal decision based on potential use: Will it be for a strap-on situation or manual? For anal sex or vaginal? For you alone or with a partner? Also important is what you want it to look like (like an actual penis vs. bright and colorful toy) and whether you want it for a specific purpose (like g-spot stimulation or anal play).

Lovehoney Ribbed Sensual Glass Dildo

Size also matters. Many people focus on length as the most vital component of a great dildo; you’ll find a product range of four to ten inches, with about 6.5 inches being the most popular. Diameter also matters, though, with sizes ranging from ¾ of an inch to 2 ½ inches, with 1 ½ inches being very popular.

Dildos can be adorned with bumps or ripples (the better to stimulate nerve ending in and around the vagina or anus).

Some are equipped with a suction cup so you can vary where you play (like in the shower or tub). Keep in mind how you want to use it—a hard product that is very straight won’t be the best choice for areas like the anus, where you’ll want a toy that can curve to conform to the space it’s entering.

If you want some extra mojo, look for a vibrating dildo. Some have a vibrator built in (in the center is best to hit those vital nerve areas); some let you insert your favorite bullet vibrator. And check out a double dildo if you’re after a seriously intimate connection. Lesbian and straight couples can enjoy this type of toy and some will tell you it’s the best sex toy ever to experience an intense moment with your partner.

Research and experimentation are the best ways to discover which dildo will be your best sex toy ever. If you’re new to the idea, start small and work you way up in size. Whether it’s for your own enjoyment, or mutual thrills with your partner, these intense and intimate toys can launch you into a new orbit of ecstasy!

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