Tap Into The History Of Sex Toys To Find Modern-day Pleasure!

Sex toys have been around for a long time. In the history of sex toys, ben wa balls are one of those items that women discovered and embraced to enhance their sexual pleasure.

Lovehoney BASICS Oriental Ben Wa Jiggle Balls
Originally associated with Japan or China, women inserted ben wa balls vaginally during intercourse to enhance sensation, or simply inserted the balls and rocked themselves to an orgasm.

Back then, these small balls were made of metal or ivory. Today, this sex toy survives, as both a pleasure inducer and a tool designed to strengthen pelvic muscles by exercising Kegel muscles.

In the history of sex toys, ben wa balls were thought to bring pleasure via the muscle movement required to keep the balls in place. Some experts dispute this, since the vagina has fewer nerve endings near its top, but the reality is you won’t know how they can work for you unless you try. The theory is, the balls are self-pleasuring. They create internal sensations because as you move, the balls move within you . . . their size and weight work in harmony with your muscles.

Midnight Velvet Duo Ben Wa Balls

Some ladies insert the balls for the exercise benefits—Kegel muscles get a workout when using this sex toy, so your pelvic muscles will reap the benefits. Many sex experts believe stronger Kegels can lead to increased pleasure during sexual activities and better orgasms.

But lest this sound like a boring toy because it’s all about exercise, other women insert ben wa balls during intercourse for a more “full” feeling. Inserting this toy vaginally is also said to work well if you’re having anal sex . . . again, to generate that potentially fulfilling “full” feeling.

Today you can purchase metals balls in keeping with the history of sex toys. But of course technology has caught up with ben wa balls , so you’ll also find them made of Lucite, plastic, glass or silicone. Balls on a string are easier to retrieve than stand-alone balls, but a word of caution: never insert ben wa balls into the anus unless they’re on a string.

And you won’t be surprised to learn that technological advances also mean you can buy “motorized” ben wa balls that enhance your pleasure by pulsating or vibrating inside you.

Tap into the history of sex toys to find some modern-day pleasure!

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