G-spot Stimulation Sex Toys Can Take You Over The Top

For some women, G-spot stimulation sex toys pave the road to a really intense orgasm. Using these specially designed sex toys not only helps you find your G-spot, but can also take you over the top once you do.

10 Function Waterproof G-Spot Flexi Vibrator
Vibrators and dildos can be your best friends when you’re aiming for this kind of pleasure. Whichever toy you choose, look for two things: a thicker “head” and a curved shape.

The G-spot (named after Dr. Ernest Grafenburg, a German gynecologist) is located on the front wall of the vagina, about two inches up. It’s quarter-sized, between the pubic bone and the cervix, and every woman has one.

It’s commonly described as “spongy” in texture and is a cluster of nerve endings. You usually know when you’ve hit the spot because it gets larger as you get aroused (in fact, it’s often tough to find when you’re not aroused). Some women feel an urge to urinate when G-spot stimulation turns you on; some even “ejaculate” a clear fluid known as female ejaculate.

How a woman responds to G-spot stimulation depends on her. Some ladies love it and feel the benefits of this type of arousal intensely; others don’t feel a thing. One way you definitely won’t feel anything is trying to achieve G-spot pleasure from intercourse in the missionary position. In this situation, the penis is directed towards the back wall of the vagina, so this type of sex usually misses the mark. Generally speaking, G-spot pleasuring is best achieved through sex toys and/or manual stimulation.

If you’re an anal sex devotee, this “backwards” approach can also work as stimulation occurs through the membranes that separate the anus and vagina. Whichever method you choose, a keyword to keep in mind is “firmness;” a light touch won’t provide much stimulation for this area. You need to have a firm hand or toy.

When looking for the best toy for you, consider this advice from Sex Toys 101, A Playfully Uninhibited Guide by Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah: ”The better designs target vibration in the first third of the vagina, where nerve endings respond best to vibration. G-spot vibrators are made from soft of hard plastic or vinyl, and should have a firm curve. If they are too floppy the curve will straighten out when squeezed by vaginal muscles.”

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