Oil For Massage And Special Scents – Sex Tools That Keep On Giving

oil for massage

Lotions and oil for massage combined with special scents might just be your key to enhanced intimacy and desire.

Why? Because it's a tool that can keep on stimulating weeks after you use it. Here's how...

If you use oil for massage during your romantic encounters, you know you’re going to feel good because physical touch plays such a huge role in mutual stimulation. Many people also turn to scented candles or incense to “set the mood.”

And whether you’ve got the candles burning or the lights on, seeing your partner will fire up your visual sense . But did you know that scented massage oils or candles can impact your desire long after the sex is over?

Smell is a powerful sense with proven links to memory and emotions. Scientists believe we store odor information in our long-term memories and further, that odor information has strong connections to emotional memory.

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Most people experience this link between memories and emotions when a smell evokes it–like smelling the aroma of a fresh-baked pie and recollecting childhood dinners at your grandmother’s house because grandma made the best pie in the world. You may not even realize why the memory came to you or why you’re experiencing the emotions you’re feeling. They’re just there and you know it.

Now just think about what this means for your love life. Let’s say you pleasure each other with scented oil for massage or burn incense or candles when you’re making love. And let’s further say that you enjoy a passionate, orgasm-filled encounter.

What’s going to happen a few days, weeks or even months later when you come across the same scent? If you’re like most humans, you’ll experience a desire to repeat the experience , even if you don’t know why.

This stimulation can come from anything that reminds your brain of the scent. Maybe you walk into a party and absorb the aroma of jasmine candles. Then you can’t wait to get home to make love.

Or, you walk into a flower shop and get hit with the scent of rose – the same scent you and your partner lovingly spread on each other’s bodies. Your brain will link the scent to the great sex you enjoyed and leave you wanting more.

We always hear about the erotic impact of visual images–particularly for men. But did you know people recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall of photos drops to about 50% after only three months?

Using lotions and oil for massage or burning scented candles is just one of many tools that can enhance intimacy and keep you burning with desire for each other.

While you and your partner will need to explore what scents or oil for massage will stimulate–and decide how you feel about the reputed qualities of certain scents or oils-here are some common scents used by men and women for centuries:

•Jasmine – for women, may stimulate desire and help overcome frigidity; thought to be comforting for menopausal women.

• Neroli – used by both brides and prostitutes due its reputed aphrodisiac effects.

• Rose – may help balance hormones and promote feelings of trust and love.

• Sandalwood – said to uplift and relax through its exotic scent; enjoys reputation as an aphrodisiac, especially for men because its scent is believed to mimic the male hormone androsterone.

• Cedarwood – said to balance energy, reduce nervous tension and help with prostate problems in men.

• Clary sage – used by doctors in Europe to treat impotence and premature ejaculation.

• Vetiver - claims to improve circulation and offer relaxation properties thought helpful in overcoming premature ejaculation and stress-based sexual dysfunction.

• Ylang ylang – used in Europe to address impotence and feeling of sexual inadequacy.

Our sense of smell is often overlooked in favor of more “obvious” senses like sight and touch. Don’t leave the potential passion of using oil for massage and scented items out of your bedroom tool kit.

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