Full Body Sensuous Massage for Couples

Full body sensuous massage can be a remarkably relaxing and sensual experience, especially if shared between partners. We are creatures of touch and intimacy; very little relaxes our body and souls like companionship and touch.

A full body sensuous massage can be a prelude to something more sexual, but it can also be a wonderfully fulfilling, erotic experience all on its own. This experience can, and should when possible, begin long before your partner’s hands are working their magic on your body. Preparing for the massage can be a heady experience all by itself.

First, a luxurious bath can help stress and tension start to melt away. With the bathroom lit by candles and the water scented with essential oils or bath salts, a simple bath can be turned into a much richer experience. The right music can also help set the mood and soothe the mind as the water’s warmth helps prepare your muscles for massage. This can also be an early opportunity for your lover to really pamper you by sensually washing your hair and body.

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Once you’ve dried each other off, it’s time to get comfortable. This is important for an effective massage. Ideally, we’d all have massage tables tucked under our beds or stowed in our closets, but any firm surface will suffice.

Most beds, unfortunately, are not well suited to a full body sensuous massage. First, they don’t offer enough support to allow for thorough pressure without discomfort in the back. Second, your partner will need to move around you to really work on your body, and being bounced about on the bed isn’t conducive to the best experience. A couch may work better than the bed, but often the floor will work best, especially with a thin mattress pad or perhaps a folded comforter or two serving as padding. Don’t forget to use bath towels to protect your bedding or carpet from the massage oil – which we’ll get back to in just a minute!

No matter what room you choose to use, add to the ambience by lighting candles and putting on some soothing music. Once you’ve found a comfortable spot, stretch out on your stomach, with your arms at your sides with the palms face up. You’ll likely want to use a small pillow to support your head, as well as a second one to support your legs so your feet can relax without being forcibly extended.

Every full body sensuous massage should include a good massage oil. The trick to massage oils is to find one that isn’t absorbed quickly into the skin and isn’t too slick. Ideally, the oil will promote smooth strokes over the body without eliminating all friction, which can be important. It’s also important to ensure you’re not allergic to the contents of the oil. Test, in advance if possible, on a sensitive part of the body (such as the skin of the breast or inside of the upper arm).

Now it’s time for the best part. The actual massage! A good full body sensuous massage will include just that: the full body. It should start at the feet, working slowly up the back of the legs to the rear. Pay plenty of attention to the buttocks, as this is the largest muscle mass in the body–and it’s a very sensuous area in its own right. From there, the massage should continue up the back, focusing on areas where stress is carried such as the small of the back and the upper shoulders.

When working on the back, take special care not to apply too much pressure, especially near the spine. This is even more important if you’re using the bed. From the shoulders, the massage should move down the backs of the arms to the hands. Don’t overlook the fingers! Finally, work back up the arms to the neck and the base of the skull. Then it’s time to turn over.

To complete the full body sensuous massage, move to the temples and face, which are full of small muscle groups that you shouldn’t ignore. From the head, the massage should progress back down the body in this order: shoulders to hands and back up, down the chest and sides to the stomach (be careful not to tickle), from the hips down the outside of the legs to the feet (which should be worked again, with more focus on the top of the foot and the toes this time), and then back up the inside of the legs (with plenty of attention paid to the thighs).

At this point, the full body sensuous massage comes to an end… but for many couples, it will launch a night of passion!

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