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Looking to meld sex with massage? One technique you can explore is the philosophy of Tantra, which has gained considerable acceptance in the Western world in the past few decades.

Tantra is based on the idea that we are all connected, that our lives are woven together. It’s a philosophy of unity not only between each of us, but also between us and the universe. Through Tantra, we seek to find a balance within the self in order to maintain the balance of the world around us.

This technique is very sensual and often sexual in nature, so it can help you meet your desire to combine sex with massage. In Tantra, sex is seen as a union of polar opposites used to create a charge that joins the energy of the (joined) self to the energy of the universe. Tantra, sometimes called the “science of ecstasy,” is rooted in India. It’s a Hindu-based path to enlightenment that focuses on prolonging and heightening the level of awareness and connection that emerges between lovers during sex. In Tantra, sexual energy is the greatest in the universe–and sexual climax is a divine, cosmic experience.

Tantra devotees pursue an extensive regimen of physical, sexual and mental routines to elevate their sensory awareness. This is part of the process of learning to not only fully realize your own feelings, but also the feelings of your partner. In Tantra, it’s a spiritual experience to merge with your partner through harnessing your sexual energies.

In Tantra massage, your goal is to elevate the energy in the body and allow the receiver to enter into a trance. In this trance, the boundaries of the physical world fall away and the receiver is left in a timeless universe where mundane worries have no place.

To prepare for this type of sex with massage the receiver reclines on his or her back, with pillows supporting both the head and the hips. The receiver’s legs rest slightly apart, with the knees slightly bent. This posture is meant to expose the whole of the body, including the genitals, which are considered the center of sensuality and lust–as well as an important source of joy in life.

The true Tantra massage is a full body massage that showers attention on every detail of the body, from the fingers to the nipples to the genitals. Traditionally, warm, aromatic oil is used to enhance the experience of the receiver. Through the tantra massage, the body is relaxed and brought to a blissful state where the Kundalini can more easily be awakened.

Some modern derivatives of this technique profess to be non-sexual, but others believe in the link between sex with massage. These massages still benefit the whole of the body, but focus on awakening the Goddess energy of Kundalini to energize and balance the chakras–the energy centers. Each chakra represents some portion of our identity and helps to filter the energy of the universe into our selves. The Kundalini (translated from Sanskrit as “coiled-up”) is the latent female energy believed not only to inhabit every human, but also to permeate the universe as a whole. When the Kundalini is awakened, she rises up from the root chakra to pass through each additional chakra until she unites with Shiva, the universal manifestation of Kundalini, in the crown chakra.

Whatever your reason for pursuing sex with massage, Tantra is one option you can explore. With the right mindset, you’ll enjoy a unique, uplifting experience.

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