Foot Massage Sex Can Give You And Your Partner An Erotic Experience

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If you can develop the skills to give your partner a sensuous foot massage sex might follow because of the erotic environment you'll create.

Most of us would agree that a foot massage is a very relaxing indulgence. For both the giver and receiver, it offers the simple pleasures of receiving warm, caressing touches that pamper and spending intimate time together.

For many couples, this kind of massage often leads to more amorous activities, too. Think of it as foot massage sex!

Reflexology tenets explain why "foot massage sex" feels so good: Different parts of the foot link to various parts of the body. Reflexology practitioners tell us that the entire body can be affected by foot massage. As well, many scientists believe the portion of the brain that connects to the foot is adjacent to the part of the brain that connects to the genitals. This helps explain why this sensual activity can stimulate sexual desire.

So how can you make the most of your foot massage sex experience? Get comfortable and relax. Make sure you’re both dressed comfortably. Soak the recipient’s feet in warm water for about 10 minutes (if you want, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to heighten your sensations). When you’re ready to begin, rest one foot on a soft, firm surface like a pillow on a chair, a sofa, or a bed (wrap the other foot in something warm while you work on the first foot).

You can give a massage with or without a lubricant, but the experience is generally more soothing when a lotion or oil is used. Make sure your hands are warm, then lubricate them with a moderate amount.

Now it’s time to start the pleasure process! Beginning with the top of the foot, stroke gently from toe to ankle, working into the corded area of the instep. Follow this by gently stroking the sole, gradually increasing the pressure. Use your thumb or fingers to rub small circles on the sole. Don’t apply too much pressure, but use enough not to tickle. You’ll need to apply more pressure on the heel and the ball of the foot. Again, start near the toes and work toward the heel. And don’t forget to give some attention to the sides, where tissues are thinner and the nerves are often more sensitive.

Continue by using one hand to cradle the foot and the other to gently flex and stretch the foot, first at the ankle and then at the ball. Do this a few times, making sure to alternate directions.

Next, knead the sole. Use both hands for this, either by supporting the foot with your fingers and kneading with your thumbs, or by using one hand to support the foot as you use the knuckles of your other hand to press and knead. Be sure to devote plenty of attention to the arch.

Now it’s time for the toes. Using gentle strokes and soft squeezes, start with the big toe and work down to the pinky. If possible, also stroke your finger between the toes, being careful not to force them apart uncomfortably.

To finish off the foot massage, revisit the sole with gentle, circular strokes for a moment, then end with soft strokes along the top and instep, working from the ankle down to the toes, as if pulling the pain and stress from the foot. Be sure this motion glides all the way off the toes gracefully.

Repeat the process on the other foot, so that neither side of the body feels neglected—it’s counterproductive to create a sense of imbalance in a body you are trying to relax.

What happens next could be foot massage sex!

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