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sex for the elderly

Bette Davis once said, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” You can make sex for the elderly pleasurable and rewarding by educating yourself and your partner on the impact of aging on your sexual situation. elderly sex book

Understanding later life body changes - and learning how to adapt - is one way to face your sexual future with more confidence than you might think.

Sexuality doesn’t disappear with aging – in thoughts or in actions. One 1990s study of healthy US people aged 80 to 102 found that 71% of women fantasized about sex (quoted in A Lifetime of Sex, 1998). And while a man’s fantasies and sex drive may slow down with age, his sex drive doesn’t usually go dormant unless he’s experiencing medical complications.

Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex

5 fabulous facts about sex for the elderly:

• As men age, the intensity and speed of their orgasms slows. For many couples, this can create the happy situation where you’re more in sync for orgasms.

• You’ve lived long enough to know what you want and need in bed. Now’s the time to act! Have you ever wanted to watch a really erotic movie, but never got up the nerve? Are you tired of hearing about the wonders of vibrators, but been too shy to try?

In this day and age, you can walk into a sex toy shop and no one will look at you sideways. You can rent or buy any type of movie you want to see. And, of course, the Internet can be your best friend for researching and buying any form of adult entertainment such as sex toys, lingerie, DVDs or books that appeal to you and/or your partner.

Sizzling Sex by Jo Hemmings

• Men and women are capable of sexuality and orgasm into the ninth decade of their lives.

• If you take the “use it or lose it” philosophy to heart, penises and vaginas will embrace arousal more readily - via masturbation or intercourse.

• Accepting the “less is more” philosophy can bring a new serenity. Orgasms might not occur as frequently or urgently, but one US writer who studied sex for the elderly in the 1990s found that America’s happiest couples were those who continued to have sex frequently after they were 60+ (quoted in A Lifetime of Sex, 1998).

5 things about sex for the elderly you can adapt to:

• For both men and women, hormonal changes can impact responsiveness. Getting primed and ready for lovemaking may take more time, but your enhanced foreplay techniques can add emotional depth to your relationship.

• Medication side effects can reduce libido. Talk to you doctor about the least intrusive meds.

• Vaginal dryness is normal. Use lubricants. Talk to your doctor to see if hormone replacement therapy is for you.

• A senior man may go days without an erection. That’s normal. And even when you get one, it might not be as hard as you’d like. Patience and prolonged foreplay can help. But if you feel sustaining an erection is a roadblock to romance, explore the use of medication, penis pumps or cock rings.

• Unless you have a specific medical condition that prevents sexual intimacy, there are no physical roadblocks to enjoying sex for the elderly. If you have emotional or psychological barriers, work through them with your partner or a therapist.

By listening to your body and its needs, you can enjoy lovemaking well into your golden years.

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