Senior Sex Positions – The Best One Is The One That Works For You

There’s only one way to find the best senior sex positions . . . and that’s to find out what works for you. If you’re with a long-term partner, you’re likely well aware of physical or health changes that can alter the sexual dynamics you previously enjoyed. If you’re with a new partner, you’re on a voyage of learning about each other.

Rather than feeling like your body is letting you down, turn that attitude around to find out how your body can lift you up by doing things differently. With a little tweaking and creativity, you can maintain a satisfying sexual life by trying a variety of senior sex positions that capitalize on your desire to adapt.

For example, look for ways to find senior sex positions that offer support. Perhaps a side-by-side pairing will work better with support from pillows. For man-from-behind entry, prepare a stack of blankets or pillows the woman can lean over to support her body. Could chair arms give a more support during intercourse if you make love on a hard or soft chair? Maybe the edge of the bed will improve things if one of you is more comfortable with standing or kneeling rather than sitting or reclining. Certain types of “sex furniture” could also be an option for you.

Consider moving your sexual activities into the bath or shower if there are support bars you can safely hold onto or a seat you can sit on. And you may have noticed as you age that it takes more time to get aroused. Embrace that by enjoying longer, more robust periods of foreplay using hands and mouths, or by having fun with the many sex toys that can ramp up response levels. And do you notice you have more energy at certain times of the day? Capitalize on that. Find the best moment when you and your partner are energetically in sync.

Any expert will tell you that finding comfortable, engaging senior sex positions is about experimentation, but also about communication. Notes Dr. Sari Locker in her book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex, “Realize that sex goes on in your mind. At any age, sex is about connecting with yourself and another person, not about doing acrobatics.“

So talk to your partner. Let him or her know directly what works and what doesn’t. If there are physiological issues like erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness, there’s no shortage of ways to deal with these challenges. Speak with your doctor and/or search for books and websites than can help you learn more.

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