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· Physical and mental health information that helps you forge a smoother path through life…

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· Tips and tools that enhance your relationships…

you’ve reached the right place! Here's a little information about us.

about us

The Sex Toys For Love web site offers a wide range of articles on topics designed to answer your questions-including those touchy ones you’ve been too shy to ask!

Our goal is to help you reach your sexual and life goals by providing honest, accurate and meaningful information. We can also direct you to erotic toys, informational books, sexual and instructional videos and other sites that will help you in your quest.

All articles appearing on this site are vetted by a counsellor with 20+ years of experience helping individuals and couples dealing with a range of mental health issues including relationship repair and enhancement, promoting trust and intimacy, grief and abuse recovery and family violence prevention.

So whether you want to know about sex toys that will put some sizzle into your intimate encounters, stress-busters that improve the overall quality of your life, or healthful articles on topics like breast cancer, STDs and sexual nutrition, we’ve got you covered.

We’re adding new content all the time, so keep checking back. We’re glad to be part of your journey.

Your Sex Toys For Love Team

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