Women And Sex Toys - 10 Tips For Getting The Most Bang For Your Bucks

10 Function Remote Control Bullet Vibrator with Ring Controller
Not only is it excitingly erotic to watch women and sex toys, it’s even more exciting to use one yourself! The ten tips below help you ensure that your vibrator or dildo bring you maximum physical pleasure, offer new ideas for spicing up your sex life and ensure that your toy is ready to go when you are.

1) Consider the erotic implications of remote control vibrators. Think of how much sexual fire you’ll stoke if your partner is giving you “charges” when you’re out and about.

2) Look for waterproof sex toys-they can bring a whole new dimension to your tub play.

3) Dildos with suction cups give you more mobility to enjoy all-hands-on-deck sex play.

4) If you want to introduce dildos into your relationship, make sure your partner’s ego is okay. He may feel psychologically threatened that you want to use your eight-inch toy and assume he’s not “enough” for you. Talk about it first and make sure you both agree that using a dildo together or in private won’t wreck your romance.

5) The only way to shatter a glass dildo is to drop it. You won’t break it by using in you. But if you notice any cracks on your toy, it’s time to retire it.

Crystal Heart Wavy Glass Dildo

6) It's not just about women and sex toys - get your guy into your games. Stimulate him by running a vibrator around his scrotum and up and down his penis. What’s great for you can be great for him, too.

7) To keep your sex toys ready, willing and able, follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and storage. Keep batteries separate to prevent battery corrosion and keep the toy clean to prevent bacteria from taking root.

8) If you’re buying a dildo to use in a harness, remember that will knock about half an inch off the length. This is one circumstance where longer may be better.

9) Never warm up your dildo in a microwave. Like most things that get nuked, it may heat unevenly from the inside out, which could cause you injury when you use it.

10) Curved dildos tend to conform to the body’s curves better than straight ones, and also give better g-spot and prostate pleasure.

Vibrators and dildos are some of the most intense sex toys available. Even women who struggle to achieve orgasm swear by their toys. And for their partners, women and sex toys can bring a new dimension of openness and eroticism to a relationship.

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