Lovers Massage And Erotic Play - Sexual Well-Being Keeps You Whole And Healthy

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Some people find sexual well-being through a lovers massage that leads to gentle, intimate lovemaking. Others find it through the sheer pursuit of eroticism. Depending on who you are, sexual well-being could be one of those approaches, both, or something else altogether.

Healthy sexual well-being means you understand how your mind and body work together to bring you sexual satisfaction. It means knowing your strengths and limitations when it comes to lovemaking. Notes Dr. Alex Comfort, author of More Joy of Sex, “It’s not by any means true that sex is the only thing in life, but it is true that getting our sexual identity straight is often the most important way of getting ourselves straight, and that physical sex and the relationships it involves can be the most effective source of self-comprehension if we take the trouble.”

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To achieve sexual well-being is to achieve a sense of contentedness with your sexual self. If you’re without a partner, perhaps it’s about using masturbation to greatest effect.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s about being satisfied with your solo and mutual activities and not being afraid to get what you want – like that erotic lovers’ massage!

Sexual well-being draws on all the things that comprise who you are. It’s both psychological and physical. It’s about learning to adapt these components to achieve your needs. If you’re disabled or physically challenged, what can you do to get the most out of sex? If you’re older, what can you do to stay sexually active – if that’s what you want to do? If you’re uncomfortable expressing your secret desires to your partner, can you open the doors to better sexual communication, through words and through the touch of a lovers massage?

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