Knowing How To Have Safe Sex Minimizes STI Fears

Knowing how to have safe sex will protect both you and your partner. Who wants their passionate encounters to end in anger, bad feelings and medical bills if you don’t take precautions? By putting safe sex knowledge into practice whenever you have sexual encounters, you can minimize the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, herpes and HIV.

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Here are three tools you can use so that knowing how to have safe sex becomes second nature to you.

Condoms: Condoms are a well-known birth control device, however, they serve an equally important purpose in protecting you and your partner from STIs. Even if the woman is menstruating it’s a safe idea to use a condom because her discharge can carry HIV or STIs. In addition, condoms should be worn during oral sex on the man and for any anal sex activities. If you’re using a lubricant when a condom is involved, always remember to use a water-based lube. Oil and latex don’t mix and the condom could break with oil-based products.

Dams: A familiar dental office item is the perfect tool for STI protection during oral sex on a woman or anal mouth play. Dental dams (many come in tasty flavors like strawberry or grape) should be used to cover the area you’ll be licking and kissing. Don’t use the same piece in two places and don’t flip it over once you’re ready to move to another pleasure spot. If you run out of dental dams, you can substitute a piece of saran wrap.

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Gloves: A common sense purchase like surgical or latex gloves is another way to ensure you know how to have safe sex. Open cuts or sores on your hands and fingers can spread infection. So protect yourself and you partner by wearing gloves if you’re putting your hands or fingers in the vagina, anus or mouth.

With all of these products, remember that one-time use is the catchword. Don’t turn a condom inside out to reuse. Use a dam or gloves just once, then discard. And don’t transfer a condom, dam or glove between two sites (vagina, then anus, say).

Putting these ideas into practice will ensure you protect yourself and your partner and you can put aside your worries about STIs, knowing you’ve embraced how to have safe sex.

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