Using Household Sex Toys Can Ramp Up Your Sex Life

If you’re looking for something different to try with your partner, look no further than household sex toys. All you need to play this game is creativity, a spirit of sensuality and a willingness to explore.

Whether you’re new to each other, or a long-term couple with years of sexual experience together, playing the household sex toys game can ramp up your sex life.

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You’ll delight in the experience by exploring each other’s psychological and physiological territory, letting go of your inhibitions to create a mutually satisfying night of passion.

One of the best things about this game is that you can play it two ways: one partner can surprise and delight the other with close-at-hand things he or she finds and brings into the experience. Or you can work together to unearth unique and tactile items you can use to titillate each other.

No matter how you choose to play, you’ll find lots of items at your disposal.

From your makeup drawer to the tool chest to the many options you’ll discover in the kitchen, the only limit to this game is your imagination. Put a blindfold to the “guessee” so he or she can be even more surprised by the sensations of arousal.

Make a real game of it by having your partner try to figure out what you’re touching him or her with. Plan a prize–winner gets oral sex say, or loser gets a little sexy “punishment”–whatever works for you as a couple. The more you play, the less inhibited you’ll be on this new and exciting playing field.

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As a couple, your relationship is sure to win when you enjoy the household sex toys game!

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