Homemade Sex Toys For Women Let You Exercise Your Creativity

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Homemade sex toys for women offer many benefits. You already own them, so they cost you nothing. They cancel out any embarrassment you might feel if you’re shy about heading to a sex toy shop or even the Internet to make a purchase. And they allow you to explore new ways to reach orgasm, on your own or with your partner.

If you’re cooking up some homemade sex toys for women, keep in mind two “personal” catchwords: safety and hygiene. Poorly thought out or unsafe ideas could lead to vaginal or urinary tract infections, reproductive organ damage, “lost” items in the anus or vagina and even damage to the items you’re using. So, have fun, but be smart about it. Here are some ideas on homemade sex toys for women other gals recommend:

Produce play – You can use a number of food items for penetration. Just wash them first and cover them with a condom.

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Vibrator play – For many women, electric toothbrushes aren’t just for teeth. Depending on how much sensation you can handle, you can use the flat side or the bristle side. Many women recommend covering their clitoris with a buffer, such as a warm washcloth, maxi pad or underwear. Some women also recommend using their cell phone (on vibrate). Just cover your phone with saran wrap for hygiene reasons and to protect the phone (it’s up to you whether you’re talking with your lover while you’re playing this way . . .).

Water play – If your bathroom is so equipped, you can usually find pleasure through the old stand-by of a detachable shower head. If not, the faucet can also be your friend. Find a comfortable water temperature, lie back in the tub, raise your legs at a 90-degree angle and enjoy!

Balloon play – Fill a balloon with warm water, tie it off, rub it with a lubricant, then rub the balloon on your clitoris. This toy offers both tactile and aural sensation.

Pull and play – Another homemade sex toy for women that usually gets results is using a blanket or long towel. When you’re lying down, hold one end between your feet and use your hands to pull the fabric back and forth along your genital area, rocking your pelvis at the same time. You can control the speed of movement and tautness of the blanket–find the combination that works best for you.

Phallus play – Exploring your environment for homemade sex toys for women will often fire up your creative juices to find penis substitutes. Hairbrush or screwdriver handles, kitchen utensils, unlit candles–just remember to play safe. Clean the item before you use it and cover it with a condom.

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