Using Homemade Sex Toys For Men Means Combining Creativity With Common Sense

Guys looking for their own “explosions” turned to homemade sex toys for men long before the sex toy industry exploded. Many guys still do, for a variety of reasons.

For some, it’s a matter of shyness. Going to a store to make a sex toy purchase is too embarrassing for some. And even though you can order just about anything off the Internet these days, just the thought of a package arriving in the mail–or worse, going to the post office to pick it up–can cause many guys to abandon the whole idea.

Homemade sex toys for men are also popular because they’re budget friendly. No need to charge up your credit card when what you need can be right at hand.

But for a lot of guys, finding what you need at home simply offers the opportunity to exercise sexual creativity. Trying something new, experiencing different sensations . . . these are just a couple of the benefits of exploring your home environment for sex toys.

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Before you get going, keep in mind issues of hygiene and safety. Think how much more embarrassed you’ll be if you hurt yourself or get an infection and need to see a health care professional. Use common sense when choosing your “tool:”

• If you’re headed to the kitchen, wash any fruits or vegetables that you’re going to use. To offset hygiene issues, cover the item with a condom (this is where you may need to spend a little money) or saran wrap.

• Don’t use anything anyone else in your home is going to touch. Big ick factor there!

• Be very careful with any electrical items.

• Stay away from sharp items that could cut you or leave splinters.

• Don’t use anything that could get stuck in the penis or anus.

Using homemade sex toys for men is most pleasurable when you mix creativity with caution. Enjoy yourself responsibly!

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