Using Homemade Anal Sex Toys

Using homemade anal sex toys can bring pleasure and adventure to your sexual pursuits as long as you keep safety and hygiene in mind. The goal is to have “good, clean” fun and you can do that if you’re sensible about what you’re using. The last thing you want is to end up in the emergency room trying to explain how a candle or carrot got stuck in your butt!

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Inserting household objects into the anus can generate sensations similar to those elicited by purchased sex toys.

The same “rules” apply—use lots of lube (remember, the anus does not self lubricate the way a vagina does), cover the item with a condom and don’t insert items used in the anus into a mouth or vagina without cleaning them first.

Take your time; make sure the recipient of the homemade anal sex toys—whether it’s you or your partner—is relaxed, interested and willing.

What can you find around the house to use as homemade anal sex toys? Look around and use your imagination. If you’re new to anal play, you’ll want to start with small, phallic-like items that won’t get lost “up there.” That’s another good reason to cover your “toy” with a condom; the ring on the end of the condom will stay outside so you can pull the item out.

Certain food items are always a popular choice, like cucumbers (peeled is best for better “slide-ability”), carrots or bananas. Some people use candles, handles (say from a hairbrush or screwdriver) or bottles. Some folks use a toothbrush (a regular one with the end of your choice or an electric one for a more intense thrill to simulate a vibrator).

Another suggestion is to create your own personal anal beads by tying knots in a cotton rope soak in lube. No matter what you choose to use, wash it before you begin. Obviously you’ll want to discard food items when you’re done and thoroughly clean other items before putting them away.

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The anus becomes more adaptable to larger items over time, so you can start small and gradually go bigger. But be aware there are more risks with using homemade anal sex toys vs. purchased products.

The latter will almost always offer you more “safety” features such as flared bases, rings for easy removal and little initial risk of bacteria or germs being present on a toy fresh out of the package.

Creating your own homemade sex toys can be a lot a fun. Working with your partner to bring your anal play fantasies to fruition can bring a unique element to your sex life. Just be sensible about the realities of hygiene and safety when exploring this kind of encounter.

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