Anal Bead Sex Toys Can Lead You To New Heights Of Ecstasy

Whether you’re a novice or an old pro at anal sex play, anal bead sex toys anal bead sex toys can heighten your pleasure. Couples use them to achieve a very intimate, sensual experience; they are also great for solo play and exploration.

They appeal to many people because the movement of the beads in the anus stimulates the multitudinous nerve endings in that area of your body. Some say, the bigger the beads, the greater the pleasure. There’s also the illicit thrill of going where you may not have gone before! As with all sexual matters related to the anus, relaxation, willingness and lube will be your best friends in this erotic experience. Anal bead sex toys are a series of beads, usually made of silicon or plastic, on a nylon string with a ring of some sort on the end for easy removal. If you’re a beginner, smaller beads around a ½ inch are suitable; more experienced people can accommodate beads up to 3 inches or more in diameter. The beads can be hard or more textured, depending on your pleasure. There’s also related anal bead sex toys that are solid like a dildo—rather than on the string.

Power Wand Vibrating Anal Beads Small
Slow, gentle insertion is key, as is the state of relaxation of the recipient. It’s also recommended to wrap the item in a condom first. And remember to lube up before beginning. Many experts recommend a thicker lube for anal play (remember that oil-based lubes can break condoms).

Using a condom on your anal toys makes cleaning up easier, plus if you’re both using the item, condoms are a hygienic must. Also, play safe by not moving your toy from anus to vagina or mouth without changing the condom or cleaning the item if you choose not to cover it with a condom.

The pleasure derived from inserting the beads can lead to orgasm, but most people maximize their pleasure when the beads are withdrawn at the moment of orgasm, often in combination with genital stimulation.

Look for products with smooth beads so there’s no risk of injury. File down any hard bumps on the plastic (you can use an emery board to do this). Double check the string to ensure it’s intact. Silicon toys are easier to clean and more hygienic than plastic ones. Always wash your toy with warm soapy water and dry it completely before putting it away.

If you’re game, anal beads can generate a unique, erotic experience for you and your lover, or for you alone.

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Anal Bead Sex Toys Can Lead You To New Heights Of Ecstasy

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