Protected Oral Sex

(John - Texas)

Protected oral sex dams

Protected oral sex dams

I know that women can use a condom to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases when giving men oral sex, but what can men use to return the favor and also be protected?

There are definitely some options out there for you for protected oral sex. And good on you for being mindful of both your and your partner’s sexual health as you enjoy this mutually satisfying activity, since around 19 million cases of STDs are reported annually in the US alone.

The “women’s” version of the condom is a dam (you’ll be familiar with these if you’ve ever had dental work done). You can place a dam over her genitals. Also, a piece of saran wrap can work nicely, too. Just remember, that like condoms, these items should only be used once and then discarded to ensure safety and hygiene.

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