Creative Foreplay

(Beckie - Orlando)

Fun with sex toys!

Fun with sex toys!

My boyfriend wants to spice up our sex life with some creative foreplay involving sex toys. I have never bought a sex toy in my life, let alone walked into a store that sells them so I am hoping to make a purchase online. Do you have any suggestions on what toys will really rock his world? His birthday is less than two months away and I want to surprise him.

In terms of creative foreplay, your experience is limited only by your imagination. Because you’re asking about something specific for his birthday, we’re going to recommend you make it a night to remember by being adventurous yourself and rocking both your worlds. While we don’t have any facts and figures to back this up, we think a lot of guys are very turned on by watching their lady embrace her body and sexuality.

So buy yourself an amazing lingerie item that you love and feel comfortable in. Just imagine the look on his face when you walk in wearing something hot, sleek and sexy. And in your hand, we suggest you show him the spectacular vibrator you’ve purchased for this very special occasion. While he’s watching - but not touching you - show him how pleasurable this toy is for you, then invite him to participate, guiding him on how to use it on your body. He might even find a few pleasurable moments using it on himself, too!

When you’re shopping online, you’ll have many options to choose from in terms of your vibrator purchase. Consider how much you want to spend. How you hope it will stimulate you (g-spot, clitoris, etc.) You’ll be making a great birthday memory by embracing sensuality and creativity for you both and we bet this is a gift you’ll come back to again and again!

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