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Sex Toy Box gift idea

Sex Toy Box gift idea

My friend is getting married in a few months. A few of us plan to present her with a sex toy box full of intimate goodies at her bachelorette party. What toys would you recommend for a newlywed couple? We want our friend to blush a little at the party, but we also want her to be able to enjoy the present for years to come.

Call us old fashioned, but for this sex toy box, the first thing we’d recommend is the very traditional, but still wildly popular, lingerie. One poll we’ve heard of found lingerie is still a man’s “favorite erotic aid.” And we firmly believe that many women will feel seductive, alluring and good about her body when she wears it.

We’re assuming you know your friend well enough that she’ll be interested and excited by your gift box, rather than embarrassed. So we’d also suggest a couple of colorful vibrators that attract the attention of everyone in the room. No doubt many of the bachelorette party attendees will be able to offer your friend some great advice and ideas for using such gifts with her husband.

In this day and age it’s unlikely your newlyweds are sexually inexperienced, but everybody can always benefit from new ideas, so purchase a book that details sex positions (and some books will show hundreds of them that we guarantee your newlyweds won’t have thought of!). For some additional fun, perhaps add a sex toy game that your bride can play with her husband. Finish off your gift with some flavored lubes for massaging and oral sex and some scented bath products for when your couple is ready to hit the tub-to warm up for their sexual session, or cool down when they’re done.

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