Is There a Battery Operated Girlfriend Sex Toy for Men?

by Justin (Lebanon, Oregon)

Hi, my wife and I were wondering is there a battery operated girlfriend toy for men that works well that you would recommend, thanks.

In answering your question, we would have a question of our own: how do you want to use this type of sex toy? We’re thinking you’re looking for additional stimulation for yourself, either on the penis, scrotum or anal opening. Whatever your goal is, we suggest experimenting with battery operated women’s sex toys (we don’t offer a specific toy of that nature for men).

Start with a mini- or egg-style vibrator and work your way up from there. Different toys will offer different levels of intensity, and many will offer multiple “speed” settings. You’ll want to discover what level of intensity gives you the most pleasure – and the best way to find out is the joy of experimenting with your wife, so enjoy the process!

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best toy for couples
by: Justin

Hi there I posted a question a while back and you answered it and now I have another. My wife is really not that big on toys for men. But she is always wanting to know what she could use to get her Husband to cum quick and easy. Thanks again and I hope the question does not offend.

Thanks for your comment and no offence taken – our goal is to try to provide you with information and ideas that will help you and your wife. In terms of reaching orgasm quickly, that’s a pretty personal thing and very much depends on your mind and your body, and how they react to what’s going on. Sometimes a little variety can help enhance your experience, which might help in this area. For example, are you just focusing on intercourse, or are you adding oral sex into the mix? Have you considered adding a little excitement by moving out of the bedroom and into different locations in your home? Have you ever explored the sensual potential of viewing light or hardcore sex DVDs or videos? Many people say that adding that kind of visual stimulation – and even perhaps trying what you’re seeing on screen – can bring a new vitality to your sex life. Best advice? You won’t know what works unless you try, so go exploring!

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