Sex Enhances Heart Health

by Ruth (USA)

Having sex may become good for your heart. A 20-year lengthy UK study shows that men who had sex twice or much more per week were fifty percent less likely to have a fatal heart attack than men who had sex under once a month. And even though some old folks may worry that the sex could cause a heart attack or stroke, that study found no hyperlink between exactly how often men had sex and exactly how probable these people were to have a heart attack or stroke.

Thanks for bringing this study to our attention. We’d like to share some observations from another study with you. This one, conducted in the US by three universities, found that half of the men and nearly 60% of the women surveyed were less sexually active post heart attack. That said, an encouraging finding was,
“. . . patients who had sex in the year following a heart attack were no more likely to die than those who were sexually inactive, with mortality rates among both groups being similar” (as reported on

The best thing a heart attack patient can do is talk with their physician after a heart attack to openly address any concerns and to find out when it’s healthy and safe to resume having intercourse without lingering worries about sex bringing on another attack. Remember, even the psychological fear of this can lead to a lot of stress, so get the facts so you can be comfortable.

Whether you’ve had a heart attack or not, remember that your overall physical fitness level and keeping your weight within reasonable limits can reduce the risk of heart attacks whether you’re sexually active or not.

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