Senior Sex Positions

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Senior Sex Positions for Older Lovers

Senior Sex Positions for Older Lovers

My wife and I are in our late ‘70s and not quite as agile as we used to be. That said, we still enjoy an active sex life and would love some ideas for senior sex positions that are comfortable, but still allow for maximum pleasure. Any ideas?

While it may sound trite, the best senior sex positions are ones that both you and your wife are comfortable with. If, as you say, you still enjoy an active sex life, you likely have good communication skills and a willingness to let each other know what’s working and what’s not. This will give you lots of scope to explore.

You might try moving your activities from your bed to other locations. Maybe you have a comfy couch or large, soft chair that would permit sitting positions with back support. Perhaps you could build a love nest on the floor with sleeping bags, pillows and comforters. If your strength is good, and/or if you can find something to safely hold onto for support, sex standing up might be option. Even moving from the center of your bed mattress to the edge of the bed, propping your partner up on pillows, might work for you if you have your feet on the floor and she’s on her stomach or her back. Another position that could work for you is spooning, with each of you on your side and you entering her from behind. This could enhance your comfort because neither one of you is bearing the weight of the other.

The keywords for you are comfort and support, and of course, exploration!

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