A Stripper Pole Can Help You Make Fun And Fantasy

These days, a stripper pole (also known as a dancing pole) isn’t just for sex clubs. Many couples install one at home for hours of pleasure and fantasy role play.

Stripper Pole
Traditionally, “pole” activities combine dance and gymnastic moves and professional dancers require lots of endurance and flexibility. But even if you’re not the fittest of the fit, stripper poles can offer you and your partner an opportunity to live out some of your sexual fantasies at home. After all, how many guys fantasize about stripper/client role play with their lover? A stripper pole gives you the tool you need to make that fantasy come true.

In many countries, pole dancing–without the sexual overtones–is considered an art form with origins in the circus and cabaret shows; there’s even an annual Miss Pole Dance World competition. But for creating the erotic atmosphere you want at home, you’ll be more interested in combining your sleek, sexy moves around the pole with a striptease for your partner and some bump-and-grind music to heighten the mood. Then you can move onto a lap dance. And from there, you should both be in the mood for wherever your fantasy leads you . . .

As for the nuts and bolts of a stripper pole, be sure to read and follow all installation instructions for safety’s sake. You won’t have much fun if you hurt yourself. Poles are usually made of brass or steel, hollow and about two inches in diameter so you can maintain a comfortable grip. Stainless steel poles allow for faster moves, while brass ones offer more friction so they’re easier to hold onto. The pole can be affixed to the ceiling and floor, but there are also models that fit into a base that sits on the floor. Some poles have ball bearings that allow them to rotate. And others have lights and flashy colors like pink or gold to bring an enticing atmosphere to your home “strip club.”

A stripper pole can bring fun and fantasy to your erotic pursuits. And who knows–you might enjoy the experience so much that you’ll want to broaden the benefits of this home toy to include aerobic exercise.

What could be better? A sex toy that offers fun and fitness!

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