Couples With Sex Toys Can Enjoy Pleasure And Passion

Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring for Couples

In addition to bringing more intimacy, passion and trust to your relationship, couples with sex toys can enjoy added excitement and fun in their sexual adventures by utilizing their creative resources and actualizing their fantasies.

No matter how far you’re willing to go, there’s a product out there that can bring you mutual pleasure:

• If you’re looking for basics, some flavored lube or edible lingerie can be a fun place to start you on the road to becoming a couple with sex toys.

• Cock rings that vibrate can generate simultaneous pleasure, stimulating both the man’s penis and the woman’s clitoris while you’re having intercourse.

• Bondage toys, like blindfolds, handcuffs and other restraint tools allow you to bring some fantasy into your scenarios. Create your own script to maximize your S&M fantasies–and remember a little role reversal can go a long way!

• You can use vibrators for all sorts of sexual play before and during intercourse. Particularly sensual are remote vibrators. This is the perfect tool for couples with sex toys who want to start the foreplay before you hit the bedroom. The woman wears the vibrator and the man controls the sensations she experiences by using the remote control, whether you’re out to dinner, at a party or even doing something mundane like shopping for your weekly groceries. Think how much anticipation you can create by turning on your partner without touching her. And what about switching positions by having her stimulate him? Either way, you’ll both be hot to trot by the time you get home because you’ll be primed and ready for some steamy sex.

Monkey Spanker Duo Vibrating Couples Sex Toy

• In addition to remote vibrators, there’s a huge range of other types of vibrators you can use during sex, like fingertip types, to provide bursts of pleasure that hit both the clitoris and the penis.

• Couples with sex toys can explore anal play through a variety of options like butt plugs for one or both partners. A strap-on harness with a dildo allows you to explore some role reversal via anal penetration of the man. For a very intense experience, double dildos let both partners be penetrated simultaneously.

Whatever your pleasure, couples with sex toys can add some pleasure and passion to their sexual activities. Try it and see what works for you!

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