Shower Sex Toys For Wet And Wild Fun

Shower sex toys offer you the opportunity to take full advantage of many of the techniques that can lead to a fulfilling sexual experience by stimulating several of your senses simultaneously.

Through massage, warmth, pulsation and the novelty of moving your lovemaking activities to this different environment, you can connect with each other in new and wonderful ways by feasting on the sensations of touch, smell, sound and sight (and maybe even taste!) all at the same time.

Sex in the Shower Waterproof Vibrating Mesh Sponge

For added fun, you can discover the wonderful world of waterproof toys. Try rubbing each other down with an aromatic massage oil or bath gel. Use a massaging mitt doused in your favorite oil to stimulate each other’s pleasure spots.

Check out a novelty product like a vibrating sponge. Or take advantage of the wide range of waterproof shower sex toys like vibrators designed to bring the woman (or the man) maximum pleasure. 

Sex in the shower also offers you the option of lots of different lovemaking positions (standing, kneeling, lying down) all augmented by the sensation of the water as it massages various parts of both of your bodies. The water itself can be a fantastic sex toy if you have a detachable showerhead; even if you don’t, you can position yourselves to take maximum advantage of the water streaming out of the faucet. 

Toy Joy Pleasure Fountain Shower Attachment Dildo

Shower sex toys truly help you wash away all the stresses of your day for a unique, passionate encounter. Of course you’ll need to keep safety in mind as you don’t want to find yourselves slip sliding away to the hospital if you fall over. If you’re worried about that, place a rubber mat in the tub so your feet (or hands and knees) will be stabilized.

Then you’ll be all set to discover how a steamy encounter in the shower can help you and your lover create your own brand of wet and wild fun!

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