Sex Toys For Married Couples Can Equalize The Orgasm Imbalance

Sex toys for married couples are just like sex toys for anyone else–they’re designed to give mutual or solo pleasure.

Whether you use them as a couple depends on how you both feel about exploring this avenue to enhance your sexual relationship.

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Despite your best efforts in the bedroom, there’s one place where sex toys for married couples can really shine: Helping a woman achieve an orgasm.

The truth is, no matter how much you love each other and desire to bring each other pleasure, during intercourse the man is much more likely to “get there” than the woman.

Pathways to Pleasure author Robert W. Birch, Ph.D. (a sexologist and sexuality educator) reported that only 35% of women reach an orgasm during intercourse. Why? The reasons vary–psychological, physiological, the position you’re using, stress or fatigue can be some of the culprits.

Whatever the reason, you may find yourselves asking, “What can we do to erase this orgasm imbalance?” You might well find a solution by embracing sex toys for married couples. In Understanding the Female Orgasm, Al Cooper, Ph.D. (sex therapist) noted that 50-75% of women require stimulation of the clitoris to climax and can’t orgasm solely through intercourse. Many experts recommend bringing a woman close to the point of orgasm through other means, like oral sex or sex toys, before penetration occurs.

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And there are plenty of toys out there you can use to achieve clitoral stimulation prior to embarking on intercourse.

Vibrators are one obvious choice. Whether the man uses one on the woman, or she uses it on herself, the vibrator is a classic sex toy celebrated for its ability to sexually arouse a woman.

Perhaps a good starting point for some couples is using this toy to achieve orgasm to get used to the sensation, then using it as a foreplay toy once you’ve established that it can bolster the orgasmic balance in your relationship.

If you’re using sex toys for married couples, consider, too, the benefits of looking for more information. Instructional DVDs, books and tapes can help you learn more about foreplay, intercourse and sex toy techniques that can bring a renewed level of intimacy to your sexual encounters so the “orgasm scale” is more balanced. Think of how much more passion you’ll generate when you can unlock the orgasmic potential in both of you!

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