Wondering How To Have Better Sex? Change It Up!

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Want to know how to have better sex? Look no further than this tip: Do something different to bring some added fun and game play into your sex life.

While some of us are blessed with rockin’ hot sex throughout our relationship, others get bogged down in familiarity and boredom.

Over time, our sexual desires might change and we find ourselves less and less in sync with our partner. Then you’re left wondering, “how to have better sex?” so you can reignite the passion you once shared.

Making changes in the way your approach your intimate moments is one path to follow. Find fun or different things you can do that will showcase you and your lover in new ways.

Some people look to role-playing or actualizing fantasies through a “script” you write together. Openly communicating your desires–and then making them happen–can lead to a renewed level of eroticism. By trusting and sharing, you might find out your lover has a deep desire you weren’t aware of . . . maybe a little light bondage . . . or sex in a different location . . . or anal play that until now has been taboo. Planning your sexual exploits together, then anticipating your scenarios until they happen, can be one effective way to find out how to have better sex.

If your relationship is in a place where you don’t feel confident verbally expressing your desires, a good option is to purchase sex toy games that will take you outside your normal types of foreplay. Depending on the games you choose, you might be instructed to touch in a new way or use something unusual to stimulate your lover. The games might promote some role-playing or fantasy scenarios that provide a bridge to letting go of inhibitions and enjoy some experiences you’ve not enjoyed before. And of course, sex toy games can be lots of fun, too, if you open yourselves up to this new form of sexual togetherness.

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If you’re wondering how to have better sex, stepping outside your “norm” is one suggestion to bring you back to a more satisfying level of intimacy. Remember that saying, “no risk, no reward?” Give it a try!

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