Inflatable Sex Toys – So Much More Than Dolls!

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master
If you’re thinking about exploring the world of inflatable sex toys, you’re probably thinking about dolls. But this product line offers so much more, allowing you to explore other sexual experiences designed to bolster your pleasure and appeal to your fantasies. Here are some ideas to consider:

“Furniture” Toys

From chairs to pillows to balls, you can enjoy some alternative fun with inflatable sex toys in the furniture category. They’re often geared towards bondage activities, with holds and straps on chairs and loungers that allow for fantasy play and fun positioning.

Others offer tactile opportunities for comfortable and sensuous body positioning during lovemaking with your partner. Balls often offer the added bonus of a facsimile penis that vibrates to pleasure both guys and gals. And of course all can be deflated when you’re done for easy, discreet storage.


If you’re looking for added sensation during anal play, there are plenty of inflatable sex toys that will answer your call, particularly dildos and butt plugs. These specially designed products increase or decrease in size (from four to eight inches) as you utilize the pumping mechanism; others up the ante by adding a vibrating capability as you pump your way to an orgasm.


One of the most commonly known inflatable sex toys is dolls–both for him and for her. Female dolls have two or three holes for penetration; male dolls have a penis (often a large one) for your pleasure. Dolls are usually very lifelike and often feature a fantasy appearance, like nurse, French maid or law enforcement motifs. If you’re into fetish games, dolls might be just the right toy for you to explore your fantasies.

Inflatable Vibrating Sex Chair
Party Games

If you’re seeking some games or decorations for your next raunchy party, look no further than the sexy kind you can inflate.

From four-foot-tall blow-up penises for a ring toss game (think how fun that would be at your bachelorette party!) to larger toys you can ride in the pool, these unique party decorations and games can help create a wild night you and your friends will never forget!

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