Let A Sex Swing Take You For A Racy Ride

Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

Consider the sex swing if you’re looking for a whole new type of erotic adventure.

Freedom of movement, a sense of weightlessness, enhanced mobility–not to mention a whole variety of unique sexual positions . . . these are just some of the benefits of bringing this type of sex toy into your bedroom.

A sex swing can allow you and your lover to achieve deeper penetration because of the angles allowed by the freedom of movement. Rocking, spinning, bouncing and turning motions can bring a fresh dimension to your quest for the best orgasm ever. As well, there’s the added bonus of pseudo-bondage, plus sexual positions that are limited only by your imagination. If you’re disabled or overweight, the increased mobility a sex swing provides can make intercourse more comfortable and viable. Some converts say this device also offers the best possible positioning for fantastic oral sex.

By definition, a sex swing is a harness device designed with the idea of pure pleasure in mind. It provides support for the back and buttocks, as well as stirrups for the legs. Some models attach to doors; others can be suspended from a hook on a ceiling or beam. Some models can be taken down easily and stowed away when playtime is over–something to keep in mind if you don’t want your visitors to see what you’ve been up to! Freestanding models are also available but these obviously require more time and effort to assemble and disassemble. Another option, self-supporting types (meaning they attach to your partner), are very compact so you can tuck them into your suitcase on your next romantic getaway.

Make sure to read all the “fine print” before purchasing your new toy–some have weight restrictions depending on the type. And to ensure safe use, follow all of the installation instructions carefully. Then you’ll be ready to get into the swing of things!

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