Want A Sex Toy Party? Create Your Own!

Inviting your partner to your very own sex toy party is a very erotic way to spice up your sex life . . . a party where you set the scene, pick the toys and lap up the orgasmic results. Maybe your planning includes candles, soft music and a delicious dinner before the big event. Some relaxing massage or foreplay in the tub. Or maybe you just head straight for your bedroom to break out the toys.

A sex toy party isn’t just erotic content for XXX movies. Sex toys have been around a lot longer than we have. We can thank the ancient Greeks for inventing an early version of the dildo-the olisbos-in 500 BC. Chinese courtesans used a phallic-style bronze sex toy some 2,000 years ago. And the Victorians were the first to invent and utilize vibrators; in 1869, an enterprising American doctor debuted a steam-driven machine used to treat a “disease” known as “female hysteria,” a.k.a. unfulfilled sexual arousal.sex toy party

Adult toys have a fun, lively and even medical history. So it’s no surprise they’ve earned their place in the modern bedroom, too. If you’re already using them, great! If not, maybe you’re wondering how they can help.

Your sex toy party can inject life into a routine romantic life. Perhaps you've encountered empty moments that had you wondering how you could enhance the quality of your sexual relationship? Or struggled with debilitating distress or uncertainty in your lovemaking? Or experienced anger and conflict with your beloved because neither one of you is achieving the pleasure you want? Maybe you've just thrown in the towel and given up on the idea that things will ever get better.

Consider another alluring alternative: invite your lover to your very own sex toy party. You’ve got many options at your disposal, from dildos to vibrators, anal plugs to cock rings, lubricants and homemade toys…not to mention your endless imagination! These instruments of love can add variety and newness to the same old boring patterns and add an extra boost and lustre to an already successful sexual relationship. If they worked in the famously uptight Victorian era, playing with sensual toys should work wonders for you and your partner...

Sex Slave Bondage Blindfold

Picture yourselves sensuously relaxed and calm, filled with confidence and passion heightened by the uniqueness of your sex toy party experience. Your partner welcomes and appreciates your affection, your willingness to experiment and your desire to add zest to your love life with your very own sex toy extravaganza!

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