Create Passion Party Ideas For A Night You’ll Never Forget

Creating personal passion party ideas is one of the best ways to keep your sex life interesting and vigorous. Coming up with fun and games on your own as a gift for your lover–or working in concert with him or her to plan a night of love–can bring you together, help you share your deepest desires and be a whole lot of fun!

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Here are some ideas to get you started:

Plan a theme night

Kick your imagination into high gear and pick a theme. Your theme can be anything you find appealing, but for example’s sake, let’s go with . . . strawberries. Build on your theme by escalating its passionate potential.

Order in some strawberry flavored lubes and body paints. Light some scented candles. Run a tub full of aromatic bubbles or add some drops of essential oils to the water. And don’t forget about the food–dip some strawberries in chocolate and then dip them . . . wherever.

Tap into your creativity to explore personal passion party ideas that will be meaningful to both of you. A great sexual experience is often a combination of factors that reach beyond the act of lovemaking. It’s about setting the mood, using your imagination and the genuine thoughtfulness you bring to the occasion.

Design your own sex games

Whether your ideas are based on trying different sex toys, exploring fantasies, testing out new positions or anything else you can dream up, you and your lover are sure to appreciate the results your imaginations can bring. Your “game” can be as simple as a striptease scenario or persona-playing session by adapting different characters.

Or you can go in a more detailed direction by designing an actual game with sensual instructions, moves and objectives that tap into you and your partner’s deepest desires. This approach can be useful if you’re a bit shy about directly expressing what you really want to do; a game scenario helps you give your partner the picture in a less obvious way. And of course if you’re a creative type, this is a great way to engage both your mind and your body in your sexual experience.

Buy game-related products

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Give the gift of sex-related board or card games. This is one of the passion party ideas that work because in the game setting, the goals and moves require you to do things to pleasure each!

Your game might give you instructions to try things you’ve never done before. You might find the competitive spirit to be a turn-on. Plus, if you don’t have the time or confidence to develop your own passion party ideas, this is a great alternative. Products like this can take the concept of sex games to a whole new level!

Play at home

Look around! Your home is full of things you can use as homemade sex toys to explore and play with.

Click here for more info on that.

However you choose to go about creating your own passion party ideas is up to you. By using your imagination, creativity and thoughtfulness, here’s hoping your efforts will be rewarded by a night of personalized and passionate lovemaking!

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