Adult Sex Books – Using The Language Of Love As A Sex Toy

Black Lace Quickies 3 - Erotic Short Stories by Women

Have you ever explored how the sensual atmosphere created by adult sex books can fuel your desire?

To get primed and ready for masturbation and intercourse, many people turn to soft- or hard-core videos, DVDs and magazines. Books can be equally erotic.

Visual imagery is great and will almost always generate some kind of sensual response, whether you’re a man or a woman. Words in adult sex books can do the same thing, offering you new ways to get aroused.

Sexy literature comes in all forms–from Penthouse letters to classic novels like Lady Chatterley’s Lover. To maximize your personal pleasure, reading or listening to your lover read out loud can ramp up the romance.

Just relaxing and absorbing the way an author sets the scene, uses sensual descriptions and mines sexual adjectives and verbs can send your senses reeling–especially if you’re touching yourself or partner at the same time.

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Or you can take things to another level by reading out loud. How much does your lover’s voice enhance your lovemaking when you’re talking to each other?

Think about how much more you might enjoy your intimacy by exploring the exquisite pleasure of hearing your lover’s voice rolling out those erotic words–lovingly and provocatively detailing sexual scenes and images just for you?

If you have a literary bent, many acclaimed authors have paved the way for your pleasure by writing books that appeal to the aural sense. “Some great erotic literature that’s high on atmosphere includes Emmanuelle, the French classic about a woman’s sexual coming-of-age; Pauline Reage’s Story of O; or any works by Anais Nin,” say the authors of Sex Secrets, Ways to Satisfy Your Partner Every Time (part of the Men’s Health Life Improvement Guides).

If literature’s not your thing, many hard- or soft-core magazines offer more than just pictures. They feature stories, letters or personal musings about sex. You’ll even discover sex tip books that not only offer the practical info, they also feature imaginative, sexy stories with the sole objective of turning you on.

So are adult sex books a sensual tool you can use? Only you can write that chapter!

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