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Why do many couples turn to video sex games to add some spice to their sex lives? Probably because they know what the research proves – video sex games and erotic DVDs can be a real turn-on for both guys and gals.

Research shows that generally, men get aroused by visual stimulation, while women respond to verbal inputs. Put simply, men like pictures; women like words. This may help explain the popularity of erotic magazines for men and romance novels for women.

But what happens when the images and the words come together in video sex games and DVDs? Try it, and watch your sparks fly!

Sex Games

There’s a whole world of media sex out there, and it can lead you and your partner to a new kind of foreplay if you’re not already using this tool. Like all sex tools, it can heat things up if you’re both willing to explore. Equally important, you’ll almost certainly learn something new from video sex games and come out of the experience with techniques, scenarios and ideas that can re-ignite your passion.

“About the best way to use pornography is to use it together. When couples share it, it can be a great way to spice up their sex lives, to get ideas and inspiration,” says Anne Semans, co-author of The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex (as quoted in A Lifetime of Sex by Stephen C. George and K. Winston Caine). She cautions, though, that it should not be used to “fix” a relationship, or if a person is uncomfortable using it.

Before launching into hardcore films, newbies might start slowly with classic R-rated films like Body Heat, Carnal Knowledge, The Last Seduction, Last Tango in Paris and 9 1/2 Weeks. When you're ready, check out some of the well-known X-rated classics like the Emmanuelle and Story of O series, Behind the Green Door and the Devil in Miss Jones. TV can also offer opportunities to watch sexual content.

Generally speaking, women can be turned on by the visual images of a movie, but they usually like some kind of plot that supports the sex. Men, in comparison, can live without the plot. So you should discuss how you’re going to use video sex game stimulation to enhance your sex life and what you’re each comfortable with.

Note to guys: Be sensitive about the visuals. Keep in mind that women on film typically embody perfection. They’re siliconed, made-up, shaved and ideal. Your partner may be very intimidated by this illusion of perfection, especially if she thinks you think the porn stars are more desirable than her.

Depending on how X-rated your visuals are, scenes that appeal to one of you may be equally unappealing to the other-especially content that is degrading. Remember, the couple that shops together “plays” better together. Choosing your video sex games and DVDs together can heighten intimacy by making you aware of your partner’s likes, dislikes and secret desires before you even open the package.

Once you’ve chosen your products, turn down the lights and curl up in front of the TV for an evening of eroticism. You may well find yourselves trying out each other’s packages before the credits even roll…

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