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Sex position videos and DVDs have pride of place in many couples’ erotic relationships. But whether or not you’re part of a couple, you probably masturbate – and erotic DVDs can come in “handy” in this situation, too.

Masturbation requires some form of stimulation - whether you use your hand, sex toys or your thoughts. When you’re “going solo,” sex position videos and DVDs offer you another way to get aroused, enhance your pleasure and learn new techniques. Some scenes might also play into your fantasies by letting you see things you’ve been imagining.

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Seeing sex onscreen lets you access many of your senses simultaneously. Sight, hearing and touch all fire at once. Using visual images to turn yourself on also allows you to safely and privately test drive sexual situations you’ve thought about, but aren’t sure you want to visit on your romantic roadmap. For example, you may want to see same-sex sex, but not want to actually do it. Or you may want to view sex position videos to see what anal sex looks like before you agree to do it with your partner. People often explore their bodies with their hands or sex toys to find out how they will react if their partner does the same thing to them, which is a safe way to ensure you don’t end up in a scary or uncomfortable situation when you’re together.

No matter how or why you pleasure yourself, you are not alone. Whatever your age, masturbation is a healthy, common part of most people’s sexual lives. It’s a fallacy that only lonely people do it. reports that, “People who have regular sex partners actually masturbate more often than those who don't.” reports that 91.5% of respondents say they masturbate (and 74.2% will admit it). says the average teenaged male masturbates eight times a week, and will do it 1,000 times before he ever has sex. Teen girls don’t masturbate quite so much; according to this web site, 50% say they do, while 75 percent will by their 18th birthday (compared with 100 percent of males). So, as the numbers show, most people start early and continue masturbating throughout their lives.

How often they do it may change, depending on their age and what’s going on. Their reasons for doing it may also change. For younger individuals, it’s often for exploration and gratification. For older people, it can be for gratification and stress relief. As well, many couples use masturbation as a “watch, learn and turn on” tool. Whatever its purpose, masturbation can – and does - continue well into one’s advanced years.

How you acquire sex position videos and DVDs is up to you. You can rent or purchase from adult video stores, or order off the Internet. So why not try using sex position videos and DVDs when you’re “going solo?” You’ll find abundant opportunities to explore your body, your mind and your desires.

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