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Blow Him Away: How to Give Him Mind-Blowing Oral Sex by Marcy Michaels

If you’re looking for that over-the-top sexual experience with oral sex toys can definitely be a part of your experience.

Some men will tell you that receiving fellatio is their favorite sexual experience.

Some women will tell you that cunnilingus is the most direct path to an orgasm, or, that they love receiving this act of love to take them to the edge, then switching to intercourse to reach that final stage of bliss.

Feelztoys Vibrating Tongue Vibrator Twin Set

If you’re looking for ways to enhance these experiences, you can wear a vibrating tongue toy to boost your partner’s sensations.

Or look at combining what you’re doing with your mouth with other toys that penetrate or vibrate to enhance your partner’s pleasure

Plus there’s another option to consider when you’re thinking about oral sex toys: adult DVDs that feature fellatio or cunnilingus are a fun, helpful tool as you explore this most intimate type of sexual connection.

Most people can’t help but be aroused by watching these activities, deriving stimulation from both the visual and aural sensations of viewing them. You’re sure to be transported to that place of thinking about how it would feel if you were giving or receiving this most pleasurable gift, so watching it is very much a trigger to put you in the mood to emulate what you’re seeing.

Even if you’re an old pro at fellatio and cunnilingus, a little advice will never steer you wrong. DVDs that teach these techniques that can take your partner over the top are an intimate way to connect sexually as you explore together (or watch alone so you can surprise your partner with your newfound knowledge!).

You might learn about new ways of positioning yourselves, varying the way you give and receive oral sex or even dealing with some of the “negative” issues if it’s not a comfortable concept for you (for example, bathe or shower together if you’re worried about hygiene; learn to listen when you partner tells you what feels good and what doesn’t; read your partner’s body language when you’re in this very intimate scenario).

The Low Down on Going Down: How to Give Her Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

For an over-the-top experience, oral sex toys like DVDs or other products can be a blissful addition to your sexual repertoire.

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