A Sex Ed Video Or DVD Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

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When it comes to sex, it's true that people often learn best by doing! A sex ed video, DVD or book can turn your bookshelves into libraries of love and improve your lovemaking techniques.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for five months or 25 years, there’s always more to learn about what turns both of you on. As Dr. Alex Comfort, author of Joy of Sex and More Joy of Sex, says, “Watching other people having sex is, for many couples, not only exciting but immensely instructive.”

One way to access a sex ed video is by buying or renting instructional sex videos. These feature real lovers in real-life situations. For some viewing couples, the videos serve to educate, evoke ideas and break down barriers that may inhibit a more satisfying sex life. For other couples, a sex ed video, DVD or book is all about exploring new areas where you’ve yet to venture or improving techniques for things you already do. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to learn better oral technique or find that elusive G-spot, if your efforts will bring more meaningful intimacy to your relationship and enhance your sexual communication?

No matter your reason for watching or reading, the visual imagery and language you’ll discover will often offer the added benefit of turning you on. If you’re open to the experience, you’re a rare human being if you can watch sexual imagery or read erotic words without experiencing some reaction below the belt. Then it’s just a small step to apply what you’ve learned by taking the techniques from the screen or pages to your own lovemaking.

Using instructional DVDs, videos and books doesn’t mean you’re “bad” at sex. It means you’re a caring couple that wants to grow and achieve more pleasure, relaxation and eroticism in your sexual environment.

Whatever you’re into – or want to be into–you’ll be able to find a product out there to help. Finding the G-spot, erotic massage, Kama Sutra, S&M–anything you want to know, there's a sex ed video or DVD or book to help you find your way.

So don’t be shy. Embrace the opportunity to bring greater harmony to your sex life by watching, reading, learning and enjoying.

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