Tips On Kissing Can Improve Your Intimacy

Whether you’re an old pro or a newbie, tips on kissing can enhance your technique and bring more fun and passion to your relationship.

tips on kissing

Notes Sari Locker in her book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex (Third Edition), “”Kissing is such an intimate sexual experience. It brings two people’s faces and bodies so close together, and it can make them tingle all over.” Jane Wyman and Ray Tooney certainly demonstrated that when they recorded the longest screen kiss ever—three minutes plus—in the film You’re in the Army Now. Their tips on kissing probably had everyone in the audience panting to get home!

In new relationships, kissing is often a prelude to sexual interaction. A partner’s response to your kisses signals whether you’ve got a green light or a red light. If you’re in an established relationship, you’ve probably already developed many types of kisses that are unique and personal to you—the hello/good-bye peck on the cheek, the deep, sensual kisses that form part of your lovemaking, the playful kisses when you’re horsing around. But even if you’re “old pros” you can still learn new tricks to expand your kissing repertoire.

How about a “ghost kiss,” where you look at your partner and get close as if you’re going in for a big mouth kiss, then pull away to lightly brush your lips across their cheekbones and eyelids. That suggestive, intimate gesture will leave your lover wanting more! Or a “butterfly kiss,” where you put your heads so close together that you can flutter your eyelids against your partner’s. Done with finesse, this fluttering sensation will parallel your heartbeats in a physical demonstration of your oneness. Or maybe the “Take My Breath Away Kiss,” where you exhale as your partner inhales and vice versa . . . personal and erotic.

You can even invoke the good old-fashioned “hand kiss.” This type of kiss was traditionally bestowed by a bowing man to show deference to a lady; if you’re in tune with intimacy, you know that brushing your lips on the top of the hand can be very sensual. Fingers are also full of nerve endings that respond well, too!

There are also all kinds of tips on kissing for exchanging mints, ice, chocolate, gum and hot and cold beverages to enhance your intimacy experience. Have you ever spelled your name with your tongue on your partner’s tongue? What a unique and erotic way to express your love!

Here’s more advice from expert Michelle Penney, who offers more great tips on kissing on her website “The best kisses have an ebb and flow. They start gently, become greedy, then allow a pause for breathing and meeting one another's eyes. A kiss is sometimes called a dance of the lips, and it's important to remember that kisses, like dances, must have a rhythm.” She adds, “Great kissers don't just do what they do best; they adapt to their partner and experiment with different kinds of kisses.”

Perhaps one of the best things about kissing is it’s a whole body experience. You can kiss any part of your partner using your lips, tongue or a combination of both, exploring new erogenous zones that maximize your partner’s pleasure.

You’ll have lots of fun doing some “research” with your partner to find new ways to kiss that you’ve never thought of before. Just be glad you don’t live in 16th century Naples, where kissing was an offense punishable by death! Today, you’ll find all kinds of books and websites that offer tips on kissing that heighten your level of intimacy.

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