Sex Instruction Comes Alive At Sex Toy Parties

If you’re looking for sex instruction, some options are available to you, like informational books and DVDs, talking with friends, family members or therapists/doctors. But there’s another path that many women have embraced: sex toy parties.

Whether you have a desire to rediscover or enhance those magic moments with your partner or to pursue your own pleasure, this could be the path for you . . . and you won’t be alone!

In 2013, the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (Volume 39, Issue 2, 2013) published results of a survey that investigated one way that women can gather useful information about enriching their sexual lives: sex toy parties.

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In talking to over 2,500 women in 2008, this study found that a sex toy party, and by implication, sex instruction, provided many benefits to the women who attended.

While many of us might think that these “Tupperware parties with a twist” are associated with bachelorette or birthday events, the study found that not to be true. In fact, 82% of respondents said there was no particular reason for the party they attended. By implication, then, we can probably infer that sharing and gathering information about sex and sex toys were key drivers behind the events.

So what were the attendees’ expectations? Thirty-nine per cent said they hoped to have a good time; 14% hoped to buy sex toy products; 32.2% expected to have fun and 15.7% expected product demonstrations and party games.

Over 60% of the respondents didn’t have any concerns or worries about this type of sex instruction scenario, but those that did mentioned potential feelings of embarrassment, a smaller-than-expected crowd or privacy issues related to discussing their own sex lives in front of other women.

As the study noted, “Outside of already limited school-based sexuality education opportunities, sexuality education is rare, leaving adults with concerns about their sexual lives with few resources. In-home sex toy parties are naturally situated to promote sexual functioning by opening closed discourses around pleasure and desire.”

So if you happen upon an invitation to attend a sex toy party? For women who are keen to keep the passion burning in their romance, or eager to launch new chapters in their intimate relationship, consider the benefits of sex instruction that might come your way before you turn down that invitation!

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